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Code Base Error Codes

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Using  the FLERR() function returns the numbers associated with Btrieve error messages for CodeBase and Btrieve files.


General disk access errors

   -10        Closing file

   -20        Creating file

   -30        Determining file length

   -40        Setting file length

   -50        Locking file

   -60        Opening file

   -70        Reading file

   -80        Removing file

   -90        Renaming file

   -100 Seeking to a file position

   -110 Unlocking file

   -120 Writing to file


Data file specific errors

   -200 File is not a data file

   -210 Unrecognized field name

   -220 Unrecognized field type

   -230 Record length too large


Index file specific errors

   -300 Tag entry missing

   -310 Not a correct index file

   -330 Tag name not found

   -340 Unique key error


Expression evaluation errors

   -400 Comma or bracket expected

   -410 Expression not complete

   -420 Data file name not located

   -422 IIF() needs parameters of same length

   -425 SUBSTR() and STR() need constant parameters

   -430 Number of parameters is wrong

   -440 Overflow while evaluating expression

   -450 Right bracket missing

   -460 Sub-expression type is wrong

   -470 Unrecognized function

   -480 Unrecognized operator

   -490 Unrecognized value

   -500 Unterminated string


Optimization errors

   -610 Optimization error

   -620 Optimization removal error

   -630 Optimization file flushing failure


Relation errors

   -710 Relation error

   -720 Matching slave record not located


Severe errors

   -910 Unexpected information

   -920 Out of memory

   -930 Unexpected parameter

   -950 Unexpected result


Memo Errors

    -1110 Memo file corrupt

    -1120 Error creating Memo file


See also Btreive error codes



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