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TAS 5.1 Colors

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The color settings on this page will effect only the non-GUI forms in TAS Professional 5.1 programs.



Underscore Menu Chr

       Used with the NMENU command.  If this is checked, and you have a & before a character in the menu line, the & will be removed and an underscore ( _ ) will be put under the character immediately to the right of the &.


Base Form Colors

       These are the basic screen colors.  Everything other than windows, entry fields and menus.  You can specify both background and text colors.


Field Objects on the Form

       These are the actual entry fields.  You can define both background (generally white) and text colors for both display and input modes.  By changing the Entry and Display colors (Background, Text or both), you can quickly tell what the current entry field is.


Menu ColorsThese are the colors for menus that are displayed.  The Selection Background and Text are for the actual selection bar.


WindowsThese are the colors for the windows that are opened on the screen.  The Selection Background and Text apply only to the lists (such as the line items in SO-A).


NOTE:  Make sure you don't choose the same color for Text and Background for any group.  If you do it will appear that the text has disappeared when it hasn't.





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