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Justify Field Value

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This will move the characters in an A type field, starting with the first non-space character, to the beginning of the field, to the end or will center the characters.


JUST fn/v


which_way - sac LEFT / RIGHT / CENTER - Move the characters to the LEFT in the field, to the RIGHT, or CENTER them.  LEFT is the default value.



When you use the function JUST() the program puts the field in the temporary data space.  If you are trying to JUST() a field that is larger than that space you will get the message that the program is out of room in the temporary data area.  This command is provided to you so that you can JUST() a field larger than the temporary data area within its own space.  Using this command you will not run out of memory.


NOTE:  This command will NOT work with CodeBase fields.  You must use the JUST() function.






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