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A label is not a true command.  However, it is used as the beginning of any routine that is called by Goto, Gosub and object Events, etc.  A label is defined as a string terminated by a colon (:).  A sample label might be:




It does not have to start at the beginning of the line, however, it does have to be the first item on the line.  You can have a regular command after the label if desired.


There is a special type of label that is used for object Events.  In this case the label starts with the object name, a period (.), and the event name.  So, in the case of a button where the TButton's Name property is btnOK, the CLICK Event would be:




For more information about object Events please refer to the specific object.


During compilation, if a label is referred but not defined you will receive an error to that effect and the process will not complete.


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